jewellery artist glastonbury experience 2017

The Glastonbury Experience 2017

I want to share with you some of the magical experiences from my recent Glastonbury road trip. Each time I visit Somerset and Glastonbury I’ve enjoyed its beauty, been blessed with mystical experiences and interesting conversations with unusual people.

Ever since my first visit to Glastonbury a few years ago, its been drawing me back to it and I try to make a pilgrimage there at least once (or twice) a year.  I do normally avoid travelling in the Summer months when I suffer from hay-fever and also usually find there are too many tourists around. But, this year, my planned trip in the Springtime was postponed, as a close family member was ill and has sadly passed away. (I’m just now returning to writing my blog posts).

Glastonbury Tor
a beautiful evening at Glastonbury Tor

I felt I needed this break away more than ever! The healing energy of Glastonbury and its White Spring helps me to become more balanced. It renews and restores my energy, alongside helping my self-belief and inner calmness to grow.

There’ll be a few blog posts to follow from my recent Glastonbury Experience:

  • Dragons and Angels
  • Ancient trees
  • St Michael Pilgrimage Path

Thank you for joining me on my creative journey,
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x

8 thoughts on “The Glastonbury Experience 2017”

  1. hi, sam. just a little niggling typo i have to address…i volunteer 30hr/month, not week. (that would be a lot of time!) i cant figure out how to edit it myself or i would have! x


  2. hi, sam – wow, your site is looking so lovely! your homepage is extremely easy to navigate and everything just looks so inviting.
    i am sorry to hear that you have lost a loved one recently and am wishing all of your family well.
    i know what you mean about the cleansing qualities of tranquil and mysterious places. i hope one day i make it to glastonbury!

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    1. Aw, thank you Weaver for your kind words and support.
      Yes its been a difficult time for my family (time is a great healer), it brings home that we have to enjoy ‘the now’ and appreciate all that we have, as we don’t know what comes around the corner.
      Glastonbury Tor and its Springs have an amazing energy, you have to go, I’m sure you will enjoy it, although its even better to take its vibrations in when its more tranquil there. Hope you enjoy my next few posts about Somerset and Archangel St Michael.
      blessings, Sam Rowena x

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      1. fingers crossed. i look forward to reading about your experiences. as an aside synch, i work 30 hrs/month for the archangel michael hospice here. 🙂 i have learned that this iconic Person maintains a very powerful connection even today in the spiritual lives of many.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Weaver.
        Been researching Archangel Michael a bit further for my blog post, really interesting, think he helps many of us on our journey.
        blessings, Sam Rowena
        wishing you lightness and positive energy for your hospice work too…

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