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I have enjoyed sharing my love of beads with my many students over the past 13 years and helping them learn and develop their own jewellery making skills. But, as different methods of learning are evolving and it gets harder to organise actual classes I have decided that my Spring 2017 classes are my last organised bebeady classes, enabling me concentrate more time on my own jewellery making and glass work.

Small groups (friends, families, work colleagues, facebook group etc) will still be able to book a midweek afternoon / evening taster workshop or 1-day jewellery making class at my studio March/April and October.

Summer 2016,  I taught some Anglo-Saxon inspired jewellery making workshops for the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds as part of their ‘Warrior Treasure’ exhibition of the Staffordshire Hoard.

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jewellery making

Creating your own jewellery is a great hobby; enriching, absorbing and de-stressing, plus you get to wear your own customised and individual jewellery!

Its also:

  • great for personalised presents
  • an ideal hobby to do together with friends or family
  • easy to do anywhere, at home whilst watching television, sitting in the garden or even whilst on holiday
  • cheap, you only need a few basic tools and materials
  • a great way to up-cycle and reuse your unloved or broken jewellery items

I’m passionate about jewellery making and love teaching students how to make their own jewellery, accessories and tiaras.

class info

Jewellery making topics include bead stringing, beginners wire skills and master classes, also creative wirework hair accessories and tiaras. Each of my day courses and taster workshops are themed to cover particular skills, designs and materials. They start with easier skills / designs and progress onto further skills / design variations.

beadstringing class examples
some beadstringing class designs

I tailor and adapt my classes depending on the skill level and progress of each student group. Most of my classes have a maximum of 8 students so each student benefits from individual attention and guidance with their jewellery making. My classes are suitable for both students with no previous jewellery making experience, as well as intermediate learners, with students able to choose easier or more difficult design variations. For students that want to develop their skills further I have a range of ‘master classes’.

teaching background

students making jewellery
students at my first bebeady class in 2007

I’m a qualified teacher – initially I taught design – and have spent over 12 years teaching jewellery making classes in colleges, adult education, galleries, community groups and family workshops.

In 2006 I began organising / teaching my own bebeady jewellery making classes at venues across Lancashire; running my classes at Cedar Farm in Mawdesley, alongside other venues. After moving into my first studio-workshop in 2014, I’ve gradually been cutting down on my teaching to give me more time for my glass work and events.

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jewelart sculptural wirework and fused glass jewellery