glastonbury tor white spring

Glastonbury Tor, the white spring 2

Some info about a special healing place…

Healing springs and wells are magical ancient places, throughout time they have been revered, a place of pilgrimage, with many traditions and myths surrounding them.

The Springs at the base of Glastonbury Tor are well known to have strong spirit energies perhaps these are enhanced by the Michael ley line passing through them.

The red spring, otherwise known as the Chalice Well is iron-rich and when left to settle will have red ‘iron’ sediment in it. The taste is also quite strong and earthy.

The white spring has calcite and flows from the limestone caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor, according to records left by a local in the 1890s this lime was said to calcify objects left in it, perhaps similar to Mother Shipton’s petrifying well in Knaresborough, Yorkshire. The water is lighter in taste than the red spring water and more akin to the taste of spring water.

There is evidence that for over 2,000 years people have come to these Springs, a place of wonder (with a constant flow of mineral water) where they worshipped the native spirits.

white well reservoir
the white well reservoir

Originally, the white spring was in a wooded glade until it was turned into a reservoir and a well house was built by the Victorians in 1872 in order to bring pure clean water into Glastonbury. Due to the water pipes calcifying and becoming blocked it wasn’t in use for very long and became disused.

Over the past 10 years or so, it has gradually been transformed into what we find today by its guardians, the Companions of the White Spring. The primary purpose of the temple is to honour the spirits of the White Spring.

white well spiral

Quote from their website, “It is an expression of gratitude for the gift of pure water. It is a sanctuary, a place of reflection, inspiration and healing. It is a sacred site of great depth and beauty. It is a living temple. visit their website for more info

Pools have been built inside the well house using the principles of sacred geometry and simple shrines to honour the ancient energies and spirits of Avalon. It’s lovingly created, cared for and supported by the companions of the white spring.


I for one, love my visits there and am thankful for being given access to this magical ancient place and grateful to the time that the volunteers and companions give up to enable us to visit and share in the beautiful energy of the White Spring.

Since my last visit to Glastonbury Tor and my experiences there in October 2015, I’ve researched the Tor further, read my next post on it…
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x