my glass fusing journey

My Glass Fusing Journey 3

Glass is entrancing and enticing… The lure of the beauty of glass, with its amazing colours, depth and sparkle.

Since I began my glass fusing journey back in Spring 2010, I’ve been developing my own unique designs by experimenting and seeing what turns out and then if I’m happy with what I’ve created I turn it into glass jewellery.

Part of my design process is to make pieces of glass that I would like to wear, so in essence, I’m being my own muse and creating jewellery that is to my own taste. As I’m experimenting and developing my own unique glass designs, I’m also creating something that’s a bit different.

my test piece and first venus glass design, that’s part of my own jewellery collection

“I love the vibrant colour, luminescence and sparkle that can be achieved working with glass and my aim is to create unique jewellery pieces that are beautiful, individual and comfortable to wear.”

The beauty of it is that as I continue on my glass fusing journey, my skills, knowledge and design range grows and evolves.

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey, more to follow…
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x