my glass fusing journey

My Glass Fusing Journey 5

Glass is entrancing and enticing… The lure of the beauty of glass, with its amazing colours, depth and sparkle.

I’m honoured that when people see my glass jewellery displayed at events, it gets such a great reaction, its admired and complimented.

jewelart abstract glass pendant
A jewelart glass pendant design, Spring 2016

At these events, I chat about my glasswork to visitors and I’m also often asked if I teach glass fusing.

These are a few of the reasons why I’m not teaching glass fusing:

  • There are so many people already teaching glass fusing, just in about a 30 mile radius of Preston, I know of more than 10 people teaching glass fusing (see paragraph below).
  • The health and safety aspect of it also puts me off in this day and age. I’m scared of me cutting and handling glass, nevermind students who would be in my care.
  • Most people usually want to do classes at weekends and I already don’t have enough weekends to go round with doing events and teaching my jewellery making classes.

So, here are just a few of the people I know in the local area / Lancashire that teach glass fusing classes:

  1. Collette Halstead  –
    Once or twice, when I was teaching jewellery making classes at Alston Hall Adult College I popped in to to see Colette’s glass class there and was very impressed. Although Alston Hall college closed Christmas 2015, I think Colette still might be teaching classes at her studio near Preston.
  2. Julie Langan – julie langan facebook page
    I met Julie when I used to teach my bebeady jewellery making classes at Cedar Farm (I’ve bought a few of her glass pieces) and know a lot of people that have enjoyed doing her glass fusing workshops and created large scale glass pieces at her studio/gallery at Cedar Farm, Mawdesley.
  3. Lynda Drummond – glass boutique facebook page
    I’ve met Lynda at local events, she’s lovely. She makes cards and fused glass and teaches glass fusing workshops in Lytham St Annes.
  4. Karen Redmayne –
    I’ve met Karen over the years doing events and she teaches glass classes at her studio in Barrowford.
one of my Julie Langan Glass pieces
one of my Julie Langan Glass pieces

There are also many others teaching glass fusing classes in St Annes, Burnley, Blackpool, Wigan etc. Plus some of the adult education colleges might still teach glass fusing classes, such as Lancaster Adult Education college.

If you are interested in learning and having ‘a go’ at glass fusing I would recommend going on a few classes with different teachers, as each teacher will teach it differently. Some teach using float glass and others with coloured and dichroic glass, which will be a good opportunity to learn and have a go using different types of glass and see how your experiments turn out. Plus you’ll learn how to cut glass and get to know about the different materials, tools and machinery.

glass experiment
one of my glass experiments using float glass at the Lancaster Adult college class

If you do give it a go, I hope you will enjoy your learning and experimenting with glass.

Samantha, jewellery artist x