sun and sea at Lytham St Annes 2017

adversity 2017

Sometimes our path seems to be strewn with all sorts of problems to overcome, 2017 was especially tough going with many things to overcome…

The passing of a loved one and illness, although difficult has helped me put everything else in perspective and made me realise that it will pass, and with time I’ll get through it and better times will return.

Grief, when you lose someone close, is something you have to go through, it takes time to heal and you have to keep reminding yourself that they wouldn’t want you to be sad. It’s important to know that they remain with you in your memories and their spirit helps watch over you.

2017 also brought with it health problems. I’ve had back problems on and off for many years, but in January it ‘went’… I couldn’t even walk with the pain and it worsened in February. It gradually improved with careful treatment; regular stretches alongside visits to the osteopath, but remained ‘fragile’ most of the year and had an impact on my work.

Sitting or standing for long stretches of time made my back worse, which is hard not to do, I either sit or stand when making, at my stall, on the computer and driving. I found driving especially bad and it influenced the events I could travel to. I became more careful when carrying anything heavy and rearranged my stall display to make it easier so that I wasn’t leaning over as much. Even teaching, I’d normally lean over to help students and there’s not usually space for a chair to sit down instead.

It wasn’t only back problems plaguing me, after carrying anything with my left hand my knuckles would swell up and become painful. Then towards the end of the year, I came down with the worst cold I’ve experienced (bad enough to visit a dr to check it out), and even now months later my cough keeps on resurfacing… argh!

So glad it’s now 2018 and the light of Spring brings renewed hope for better times ahead.

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey,
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x

4 thoughts on “adversity 2017”

  1. thank goodness 2017 is in the rear view mirror! but only if you feel you learned how to transcend the back issues. i guess you have tried pilates or the things that doctors recommend these days. there must be some sort of solution for you – you can’t go on like this and you don’t want to rely on pills. really hoping for a holistic solution for you! you should take me up on my free offer re: the eclipses. you never know! there could be helpful points available. sending you a big hug and appreciation for always being so cheery even when you are suffering. xx

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    1. Thank you Weaver for your kind words and I hope that the eclipses signal better times ahead for me (that would be lovely if you can give me more insight). Touch wood, my back although a bit niggly if I sit for long periods, isn’t as bad. I think stretching and going to an osteopath once a month is helping, alongside being careful… I’ve had to make a few adjustments, I’m just happy to be here and enjoying being creative!
      Sending you a hug back and sparkles of light x


      1. oh, excellent to hear you are progressing! i am a firm believer in not sitting for too long at one time and in stretching often. i currently dont stretch enough…but i dont do enough of any of the ‘good’ things in the winter. its like i retract and cannot find energy. 😛
        when you get a moment, send me an email with ‘free offer’ in the heading and we’ll dig in. x

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