new designs 2018

new designs 2018

Its trial and error when you are creating something new, as your work doesn’t progress in a straight line, it seems more like watching a ‘ping-pong ball in action’…

Over the past year, I’ve been doing lots of experimenting and exploring many new ideas. It all takes time and it’s often hard to give it all the development time it needs.

Now I feel my patience is slowly being rewarded, as my new glass and wire designs are beginning to come together.

Am really grateful, especially after my recent ups and downs, which I’ve written about in some of my blog posts, if you’ve read my last blog – a downside of working with glass – you’ll understand why I’m appreciating it all the more. When you have ideas and designs in your head, then sketch them and explore how to create them, it becomes like a journey you travel along before you’re able to make the finished design. It’s frustrating at times, but also really satisfying.

It’s like watching a flower grow and blossom!

I’m well underway with creating my new range of ultra sparkly glass pendants, see an example in the main header photo and more photos of these jewel-like beauties on Instagram –

Some of my designs evolve further over time, as I adapt and change them with fresh ideas or create them in different colourways, with different beads or other variations. I’ve been doing this with many of my glass and wirework designs over the past year and will be posting about these ‘new’ updated designs in my coming posts. Come with me on my creative journey…

For the moment I’m just feeling happy with all the progress over the past year.

Wishing you sparkles of light!

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey,
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x

4 thoughts on “new designs 2018”

  1. hi, sam! so cool to see your latest passion made manifest. 🙂 question: is the ash what we are looking at as grey specks in the pendent or is that a part of the stone’s colouring?

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    1. Hi Weaver, thanks so much. The beautiful midnight blue glass has glittering sparkles in it, like a star-filled night sky and the specks of white-grey ash appear like stars that are closer to earth or maybe spirits. Depending on the angle you look at it, it can change from almost black with the ash stars more prominent to different shades of dark and midnight blue glittering with sparkles. It feels alive and almost 3D, definitely one of my favourites! I love it and hopefully, others will too… Sam Rowena x

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      1. that is wonderful imagery! and I can see what you mean. very special. my pendent certainly has a 3D look. one can peer into it and go on a bit of soul-flight. 🙂 thank you for following your bliss! xx


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