highs and lows of 2020

high ups and low downs of 2020 – lockdown

What a year it has been so far, with ups and downs aplenty, it’s definitely going to be a year to remember!
Hopefully, when our lives resume and go back to normal after the pandemic has gone for good, we will see the positives that have come out of this experience we are going through now.

“Our months of lockdown have given most of us the chance to reconnect with who we are and what is really important to us; our health, family, friends, a roof over our heads, and enough food on the table. Plus an opportunity to reflect on our lives, dreams and aspirations.”

Slowing down has given us time to really appreciate the simple pleasures of life, the beautiful colours and sounds all around us in nature during the changing seasons – the smell of the earth after the rain, flowers blossoming, birds singing – all continuing around us quite unaware of what is going on in our world.

a lovely rose in my garden 2020
a beautiful rose blossoming in my garden

The beauty of each day dawning afresh with new hope!
Such blissful peace and quiet we have not known before with places empty of people and their noise. All but a few essential shops closed for months, with many cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries, and other businesses still yet to open their doors again to visitors as we get used to our ‘new normal’ way of life…

But I know that not everyone’s experiences these past few months have been the same. A few of my friends have been busier than ever as essential workers or they’re juggling working from home with home-schooling their children and food shopping for parents self-isolating. There are many that will be going through suffering too, being ill with the virus or losing loved ones, and friends to it.

I am sure, we are all thankful to everyone helping to care for the sick and those who continue working for us in our essential services; hospitals, care homes, food shops, post offices, police, public transport, often putting themselves at risk.

“After going through treatment for cancer 19 years ago, I’ve learnt that we just have to take one day at a time, and appreciate that we are still here and all we are blessed with.
Worrying about things won’t help us, especially when we are going through something outside of our control, we need to try to keep a positive and thankful mindset.”

More about my highs and lows so far this year in my next blog posts, come with me on my adventures…wishing you sparkles of light!

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey,
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x

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