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Many of my designs first take shape in my dreams. I sketch and create them using my main tools, my hands. I bend, shape, twist, wrap and sew with wire, add beads, vintage buttons and handmade fused glass turning them into unique jewellery creations.

Sometimes the finished design takes time to evolve. My original creation gets tweaked and changed, it’s tested and trialled for how it looks on and if it’s comfortable to wear before being added to the elfin alchemy collection of bewitching beautiful jewellery.

“I have bought several pieces of jewellery, designed and handcrafted by Sam Taylor. My collection is growing because her art is such a joy to wear, especially her Squiggle necklaces, which are so unique and versatile, in that they go with almost every outfit I wear. I receive many compliments when I wear the Squiggle necklaces, and I would recommend her jewellery to all of my friends and family.”
Marion Mathews, ceramic artist, Lancashire

I enjoy that my work continues to change and develop, as I hone my skills and explore using different techniques, materials and colour combinations.

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