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Like a magpie, I’m attracted to anything that glitters and sparkles; crystal, glass, shells and gemstones. They seem to magically radiate beauty and have an inner depth to them. I hope to capture a bit of their glow and sparkle in my jewellery.

beads and buttons

For years I’ve been collecting beads and buttons (yes that magpie again), and I combine them with wire or beading wire and turn them into jewellery. Sometimes it’s difficult to part with my favourite treasures, glorious vintage Murano glass and crystal beads or shell buttons, hopefully they will be worn and adored for many years to come.

abstract glass

distinctly different designs
Glass alchemy – it feels like magic when I combine different layers of glass together and they turn into such amazing abstract pieces, and they are sparkly too!  Wow…

Dichroic fused glass enchanted me when I first came across it at a craft fair around 15 years ago, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I had the opportunity to learn how to use it at a kiln art group. These initial experiments were pretty ‘hit and miss’, especially as my glass pieces had to be transported by car, then put on a shelf in a ceramic kiln and fired with a variety of other work. Sometimes the results were disappointing and none of them turned out quite right; the colours had changed and didn’t work together, the edges weren’t smooth and other problems. But, luckily some of them turned out stunning and that kept me going and after buying a glass fusing kiln in 2013, I was able to experiment and develop my designs further, creating my own individual style of colourful and sparkly abstract glass.


Over the years I’ve made jewellery with many different materials, but the wire is my favourite medium to use to complement my beads, buttons and glass. I create elfin alchemy – wearable jewel art – with different types of wire; mainly copper-based wire, some sterling silver and beading wire. I love working with copper wire – it has a great feel about it – its also easy to work with, economical and has many healing qualities associated with it.

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