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The path of Creativity

What drives us, as artists, designer-makers and crafters to follow this path of creativity and what do we enjoy about it?

I think this is a topic of interest to everyone, but its something I find especially intriguing, as my family aren’t creative or much interested in art and don’t quite understand ‘why I do what I do’, so I’ve posed the questions to myself and fellow artists/crafters taking part in our Handmade in Lancashire this Easter at Barton Grange Garden Centre.

Why do you do what you do?
hat do you enjoy about it?
“Since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed being arty and creative, and over the years I’ve explored a whole range of different arts and crafts; from theatrical stage make-up for school plays as a teenager, learning graphic design, digital photography and silversmithing at college (and working in design), painting on silk, ceramics and watercolours, to creating fused glass and jewellery making. Over time you discover which things you excel at and enjoy doing the most.
jewelart venus copper fused glass designs“Although, the creative path is definitely not the easiest way to earn a living, its very rewarding in many other ways. Every day is different – you become the designer, maker, photographer, promoter, seller and the list goes on – the actual making is just a small part of it. My favourite part is the feeling of achievement you get when you make a piece of jewellery or glass and other people love it too, want to buy it and wear it. I feel so honoured when I see people wearing one of my pieces and returning to buy more.”
Sam Rowena, Jewellery artistwww.jewelart.co.uk

quirky and fun artwork by Lily BattesonI do what I do because I enjoy it and I can get lost in the challenge of seeing the blank canvas develop. I enjoy watching my initial idea evolve, and how the colours merge to create the finished picture.”
Lily Batteson – www.lilybatteson.com

“After being made redundant from my dental job in February 2013 I decided to start up my own business combining all of the skills learned as a Dental Technician with my Artistic abilities and I’ve been making a living as a Glass Engraver for the past two years… after all Teeth are made of Glass!
I enjoy the challenges of creating bespoke pieces… every day is different. I also love to meet people so networking is a big part of my business and it has replaced something that I miss now that I work alone, which is meeting people and working with others.”
Alexis, Walking on Glasswww.walkingonglass.co.uk

“I first started sewing, aged 8, making dolls clothes and progressed through my teenage years onto making my own clothes (not always successfully!) However, bags are far more forgiving than clothes as one size fits all.”
Zylpha, Zed Bags

You can meet and chat to us, see a selection of our work and take the opportunity to buy direct from us and the other Lancashire makers taking part in the Handmade in Lancashire at Barton Grange Garden Centre, Easter Friday and Saturday.
Later this spring I will be doing some follow-up post on the creative path,
Sam Rowena, jewellery artist x