looking after your elfin alchemy jewellery

sterling silver jewellery
Store your sterling silver in a jewellery box or in specialist airtight bags/pouches to prevent it oxidising/tarnishing.

If it has tarnished, wash in lukewarm water and clean gently with an old toothbrush and mild washing up liquid, pat dry or leave to dry naturally, then polish with a silver polishing cloth (can usually be bought from jewellery shops). Silver dip can be used on silver chains, but it needs to be rinsed off and once dry, polished with a silver polishing cloth. Silver dip is too harsh to use with many gemstones, pearls, shells etc.

silver plated jewellery
Silver-plated brooch backs and sterling silver plated bails on glass pendants, these usually darken with age: polish lightly with a silver polishing cloth

bronze or copper plated jewellery
These usually tarnish to either a darker or a brass colour with age.

natural copper jewellery
A quick polish will give it some sparkle. But if needed every so often, it can be cleaned as above (minimal lukewarm water / small amount of mild washing up liquid and toothbrush) then once it’s dried off I find the silver polishing cloth or any type of dusting cloth will give it a great sheen, emphasising the texture and dark/light shades of the natural copper.

enamelled copper jewellery
A quick polish, the colour will fade slightly over time, especially if left in bright sunlight.

copper and fused glass
As above but be more gentle when polishing where the glass is attached to the copper section.

abstract glass with plated bail
The sterling silver plated bail can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Epoxy glue is used to affix the bail, this helps to take the impact if the glass pendant is dropped or knocked, rather than the glass shattering, but the bond may weaken, it can also be affected by extreme heat.
For my glasswork, if you drop your pendant and the bail comes off, I offer a free re-glueing service (UK P&P £3 plus an additional £5 if you want me to attach a new plated bail).

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